Bio-Identical Hormones

Dr. Ghausi is passionate about the care of women going through menopause. There has been a push toward “bio-identical” hormone replacement therapy. Although this is a viable alternative to conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT), Dr. Ghausi strongly recommends a patient is counseled on all aspects of menopause.  Many practitioners are taking advantage of women and not disclosing all the risks, benefits, and alternatives to bio-identicals.

The counseling,  management, and treatment of menopausal symptoms should be highly individualized based on a patient’s risks and benefits.  These services are almost ALWAYS covered by insurance. This includes the prescribing of bio-identicals. There is no need to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for treatment that is routinely covered by your insurance plan! Gynecologists are the most highly trained physicians in women’s health.  Please use our expertise to help you!